8 Simple Tips To Read 100 Books in a Year

8 Simple Tips To Read 100 Books in a Year

You might be wondering how is it possible to read 100 books within a year. Realistically, you can achieve “100 books” goal by following these tips.

  1. Set a Goal

They are not just any goals; they have to be the ones that you really want to reach, 100 books for example. If you think you might not finish 100 books in a year, still input that number in your head. Why? You might not achieve the reading goal 100%, but it will be around 80-90% and reading 80 to 90 books in a year is remarkable as well.

Let people around you know about your reading goal. Not to brag, but you will have the motivation to accomplish it.

  1. Build a Reading List

Even for a starter, you don’t have to read many books to realize your favorite book genres. Start with your favorite, and then you can get recommendations from families and friends. Searching Google for 100 Best Books of All Time to see if you miss anything interesting and make sure you have various book genres in your list so you don’t get bored. Build your list up to 60 to 80 items then stop, you will find it very easy to fulfill the rest of the list after finishing half of it; there is no need to get it done in the first place.

Finding the right book is like finding your life partner; if you feel it’s not your type within the first few pages, then stop wasting your time and start to look for another one. You only have one life; there are billions of books in the world.  

  1. Prioritize your Reading Habit

It is obvious that reading 100 books is not a one-time thing, it requires a reading habit. You need to schedule a specific time for this habit. People usually get up 1 or 2 hours early every day to read; if you are not a morning person then schedule your reading at nights and on weekends. If you have to use public transport to get to your workplace, use that time to read, even a few pages can add up to a whole book.

  1. Buy Books in Advance

Don’t wait until you’re out of books. You have your goal and your list, those are enough to buy books in advance. Get them at a Sale Event or shop at Feje Bookstore which specializes in used books will help to save a lot of money. Let’s assume an average book costs about $25 (while an average used book costs only $8-$12), it will cost $2500 for 100 books per year, and you aren’t going to stop reading after 100 books, are you?

Having those books ready on your bookshelf or around the house will make it so easy to read and encourage your reading habit.

  1. Take a Book with You

Choose a paperback, pocketbook or buy an e-book on your smart device to carry with you all day long since there’s no way to tell whether you have to wait for your coffee or manicure appointment.   

  1. Create your Book nook

Making a cozy book nook in your place so you can enjoy sitting there for hours. There are certain spots which are comfortable and feel special in your house and far away from the TV. In case your place lacks a spot that evokes those sorts of feelings, simply create a reading nook in your living room or bedroom with a sophisticated armchair, a coffee table and an indoor plant (plus a blanket if you live in Canada).  

  1. Join a Book Club

Join a Book Club or an Online Book Club if you are a very busy person to exchange knowledge about books and get recommendations on your will-read list. Besides, it is inspiring and exciting to be a part of a group with the same interest.

  1. Write a Review

It is not necessary to write a long page review with academic or fancy words after reading a book; just do it as often as possible to summarize the stories, express your feeling as well as retain valuable knowledge. You can write down your note, share with book club members or post it on social media.

I hope this information could help you reach your reading goal. Please feel free to email us if you have any questions about our services: Fejebookstore@gmail.com

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