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Investing the billionaire’s way - The Genius of Patience (Paperback)

Investing the billionaire’s way - The Genius of Patience (Paperback)

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Investing the billionaire’s way - J Richard Charlton

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"Considerable wealth has been created in the past 10 years by investing in great companies—and staying invested. Instead of investing, however, many are in fact speculating, allowing the surges in the stock market to dictate investments, instead of focusing on the fundamentals of the businesses. The billionaire's investment portfolio continues to be employed in ways that are diametrically opposed to the thinking of the vast majority of stock market players and managers. Market forecasts are ignored and portfolio turnovers are abhorred. Stocks are thought about as if they are the underlying business itself. This book that allows every investor to understand and use the Warren Buffett style of admittedly simplistic but highly profitable investing."


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