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How To Make Passive Income With Airbnb (Ebook)

How To Make Passive Income With Airbnb (Ebook)

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  • Pages: 38 (PDF)

Now we can see that Airbnb is a company that lets people avoid expensive hotels by staying at a more affordable short-term rental when on vacation. This helps them save money, let's them prepare meals on their own, and has a homier feel compared to staying at a hotel.
The best part about making money with Airbnb is that it’s relatively passive income. Passive income requires little to no effort and lets you create multiple streams of income. However planning is needed to make this passive income start generating money.


Do’s for Hosts
1. Get a pro real estate photographer
2. Have your own Landlords Insurance
3. Use a review template
4. Update Your Calendar Daily to Stay on Top
5. Ask for reviews and 5 Stars
6. Have a floor-length mirror in the main bedroom
7. Send a check-up message
8. Only ever give just enough towels
9. Supply guests with body wash, not soap
10. Look up when cleaning
11. Describe everything about your property in your listing
12. Buy 2 in-1 Shampoo/conditioner
13. Dark Towels and White Linen
14. Supply Board Games or Games-Consoles
15. Make Message Templates
16. Set Ground Rules for Guests and Stick to Them
17. Use an All-In-One Non-Toxic Cleaner for EVERY Job
18. Get a Lockbox to Save your Sanity
19. Reply to Guests Instantly
20. Use Instant Book
21. Offer Monthly and Weekly Discounts
22. Keep tabs on your competitors
23. Mark your listing as business travel ready
24. Always ask when someone books one
25. Take photos of any damage your guests leave
Don’ts for Hosts
26. Don’t reject new users
27. Don’t Skimp on Cleaning
28. Don’t Stress Over Star Rankings
29. Don’t use Airbnb Price Tips
30. Don’t have too many rules
31. Don’t Assume your Guests Have Read your Listing
32. Don’t Let Your Lawn Get Too Long
33. Don’t Forget to Send a Check-Out Message
34. Don’t assume Airbnb’s Insurance will cover you
35. Don’t forget to leave a review
36. Don’t forget to check inside the dishwasher
37. Don’t assume your guests will know how to use appliances
38. Don’t accept Airbnb bookings outside of the chat
39. Don’t buy expensive things for your Airbnb
40. Don’t forget to empty the kettle
41. Never accept cash payments
42. Don’t forget to respond to all inquiries
43. Don’t be bullied into giving a refund
44. Don’t forget to clean you’re AC and heating filters
45. Don’t ignore government regulations in your city
46. Don’t fill your space with clutter, less is more
47. Don’t get emotional dealing with problem guests
48. Don’t be without a contingency Plan
49. Don’t expect your cancellation policy to hold up
50. Don’t forget to clean your outdoor furniture

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